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It is the living voice from heaven. You can fearlessly act on the written Word of God—by renewing your mind—just as you would if Jesus called your name and spoke with you personally! Renewing your mind requires faith, and faith is acting on the Word of God.

How to Transform Your Mind | Doug Addison

You act on it just as you would act on the word of any honest man. You apply it in order to change the way you think about your life, your work, your relationships—everything. Through His written Word, God provided the way for you to be changed from the inside out. The Word allows you to know Him and approach your life in a way that pleases Him—and is successful every time. Read Isaiah As you fill your mind with His Word by reading, thinking about, memorizing, praying, speaking out loud, even singing, you begin to think in a way that pleases Him, and His ways become your ways.

The better players fill their memories with possible combinations. Photo by H. The YouGov poll also found a clear relationship between being a regular chess player and various measures of achievement and success.

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Chess players are 5 times more likely to read in-depth analysis and high-brow publications. Peter Thiel , a prominent venture capitalist, co-founder of Paypal, and a major figure in the Presidential election is an avid chess player. As was John Wayne. So was directing great Stanley Kubrick. S everal studies have been done to show that playing chess in one case for 18 weeks increased the IQs of the children involved.

How to change your Mindset? By Sandeep Maheshwari I Hindi

Other studies show chess improves the analytical and critical thinking skills as well as visualization abilities of kids in all stages of school, enhancing their development. Chess has also been shown to boost kids' math , reading and verbal skills.

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French primary school children between six and eleven years old, shake hands prior to competing in a chess tournament. German senior citizens playing chess in Bad Kissingen. And if you are looking for something more exciting, combining the brain and the brawn, you can partake in chessboxing as this photo illustrates:.

1. Creative cross training

Indian chessboxers play a round of chess during the boxing round of The National Chess Boxing Championships in Kolkata. Chessboxing is a hybrid sport combining the mental workout of chess with the physical challenge of boxing. A chessboxing fight consists of 11 rounds, 6 rounds of chess and 5 rounds of boxing. Chess and boxing rounds alternate, beginning and ending with a round of chess, Chessboxing is particularly popular in Germany, Great Britain, Russia and France and now catching up fast in the Asian countries like China, Iran and India.

Masters of Mindfulness: Transforming Your Mind and Body

Do you want to learn to play chess? You can start here.

We used to think that intelligence is innate. Physical activity is important for obvious reasons. Recent research has shown that physical exercise also benefits your brain. A small group of adults in their late 20s and early 30s participated in a minute session of vigorous activity.

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Immediately after the session, their brains showed a significant increase in neuroplasticity. Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich explains that endorphins and a complicated-sounding protein called Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor BDNF are released in the brain as you do physical exercise.

These two chemicals help fight stress and promote happiness. Endorphins are also known to give a feeling of euphoria, which would explain why some people can actually become addicted to exercise. In short, exercise makes you smarter and happier at the same time. Sounds like a win-win to me. Yet, going without sleep can make you irritable, lead to memory loss and false memories, and, in extreme cases, cause slurred speech and even brain damage.

So what happens when you sleep? People have sworn by meditation for millennia, and for good reason. As Rebecca Gladding M. As a result, they are more likely to interpret physical sensations of anxiety or fear as a personal problem, something directly-related to themselves. In addition, the neural connections which grow stronger through meditation help promote empathy and compassion, particularly for people who are most unlike us, says Gladding.

So sitting still and trying to focus on the present moment for as little as 15 minutes per day significantly reduces stress and essentially makes you a better person overall. For centuries humans have participated in the ritual of taking seeds, roasting them, grinding them up, and steeping the grounds in hot water for a quick jolt of energy.