The Hero of Small Birds

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By making your garden a friendly place for small birds, you will create a good habitat for them to live, feed and nest in. Making your patch a thriving place also helps to reconnect habitats across the landscape. This means that when small birds fly from place to place in search of food, shelter and nesting trees, they have an easier task ahead of them.

Making your backyard into a safe and friendly place will help more small birds overall to survive. When you look out your windows, what do you see? Too often, the answer is Indian Mynas, Noisy Miners, or only a few types of birds.

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Avian humanoids people with the characteristics of birds are a common motif in folklore and popular fiction. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Bird People and Birdman.

Bird Song Hero: The song learning game for everyone

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How to attract birds to your garden

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Odyssey , Book Metamorphoses vii. Strength in numbers is the most known survival strategy for penguins. Huddling together allows them to find shelter from the extreme cold and unforgiving snow storms, but also functions as protection to fight off some of the many, deadly predators that inhabit Antarctica.

Habitat for Small Birds

Disguise is another fundamental skill for the survival of penguins. Their typical black and white coat is more than just a fabulous look: the colour arrangement provides penguins with counter-shading, a method of camouflage used by many animals where their top colour is much darker than their underside. In the case of penguins, it allows them to stay hidden from both predators and preys when in the sea: their white belly blends them with the bright sea surface, while the black feathers make them disappear into the dark bottom of the ocean.

Fashionable AND practical! Penguin bellies are not just useful for camouflage: when on land, they are also the tools that provide them with their fastest escape technique, tobogganing, the word that better describes when penguins slide on their belly to gain speed on ice. Curiously, Penguins have been observed tobogganing not only to escape predators or move faster, but also just for fun.