Leadership and the reform of education

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Education Reform and School Leadership - Part 4 of 5

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Effective Leadership in the Age of Reform | HuffPost

This series will review several of these leading programs and discuss whether and how they can be models and foundations for long-term systemic change. A couple of weeks ago, we suggested four ways to make college cheaper.

  • Principals: 4 Factors to Consider When Engaging in School Reform;
  • About School Leadership and Education System Reform.
  • Around the Cape of Good Hope?
  • A Deep Dive Into Alternative Teacher Prep.

Today, we offer four more ways to make college fairer with a brief pro-con analysis of each. The Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education MBAE recently released some troubling analyses on inequities in per-pupil funding between high- and low-poverty schools in Boston and throughout the state.

We also uncovered even larger inequities between schools with high and low concentrations of non-white students. On July 13th I had the pleasure of hearing Dr.

Indiana: The greatest spectacle in education reform

Strong emphasized that the job of a principal, or school leader for that matter, is about making a difference in the lives of children. Leading and teaching is challenging work that requires a high level of understanding and patience. What do good principals do? The audience at the leadership institute identified what they perceived to be the top elements. These included the following items below where I have added some of my personal thoughts:.

School Leadership and Education System Reform

Great communicator : Principals need to be able to communicate what the school is all about. School leaders don't always do the best in terms of epitomizing effective communication. In terms of evaluations, we can't keep telling teachers that they are doing good work when they are not. Being a direct communicator is often lost during discussions on teacher performance.

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Difference maker : Principals need to be able to keep the focus on important initiatives and culture characteristics that have an impact on student learning and achievement. They establish accountability measures to hold teachers and students accountable for learning.

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Great principals see solutions, not just problems. Risky, but not too risky : Principals have to be willing to try new things and have a mindset to keep trying until improvement is the end result. They need a backstop of support that allows them to fail in these efforts.