How The Net Was Lost: A Case Study

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They depend on the cloud to relay messages between devices, even if those devices are only meters away. This approach requires all devices to be Wi-Fi, LTE, or Ethernet connected, which adds BOM and data costs, increases power demands, and introduces unnecessary points of failure leading to more network downtime. When Particle set out to build Particle Mesh, the company was looking for a technology that defined low-level network implementation while still providing room for extensibility.

Particle chose Thread because it provides a robust technical foundation to extend all the way to Particle Mesh. Particle believes that real IoT is achievable, by providing developers with the most powerful technologies they need to solve problems. This gives developers the tools they need to succeed. Additionally, the true impact of using open standards is enabling a community to contribute to the advancement of infrastructure that drives everyone forward.

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Thread was created to support developers in building connected products with a networking protocol that activates the internet in IoT. Particle Mesh is designed specifically for IoT to solve some of the most common problems with deployments. Particle Mesh includes three new devices that are fully integrated with the Particle Device Cloud:.

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The Argon is a powerful Wi-Fi and mesh-enabled, battery-powered device that works for stand-alone IoT products and acts as a gateway for mesh nodes in IoT solutions. The Xenon is a low-cost, mesh-only endpoint device that creates a local network when connected with an Argon or Boron. Thread is unique among competing mesh networks offering lowpower, no single point of failure and the ability to easily scale to large networks. With Particle Mesh and Thread technology, networks can cover more ground and capture more data with higher reliability at a reduced cost — ultimately making IoT solutions more intelligent.

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The lock for a more secure Nest home, inside and out. The result? The Nest x Yale Lock is a connected lock designed to work with other Nest products and is controlled via the Nest smartphone app. This would be the first Thread-radio based product developed by Yale and would support the Nest x Yale residential communicating lock. By working closely with the Nest ecosystem development team and Silicon Labs silicon provider for the radio , Yale was able to develop a Thread-based integrated radio and bring to market the first lock to join a production-ready Thread network.

The cross-geographical and -corporate teams started by establishing the basic platform and networking functionality. Thread is unique among competing mesh networks with no single point of failure. This allows the Nest x Yale Lock to connect to any other available border router should its current one become unavailable.

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With competing technologies, when the controller stops working, remote and mobile access are lost. My distant Irish DNA cousin, Martine Brennan — we are still trying to determine the identity of our common Irish ancestors — reached out to me to discuss academic research she was undertaking about Irish enslavers in the American colonies and the early Republic.

For those of you unfamiliar with the history, the Weeping Time was a three-day sale of some human beings who were sold over a three-day period in at a racetrack just outside of Savannah, Georgia. I know how daunting researching the enslaved can be.

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It is even more daunting when you are researching the stories and histories of nearly two thousand human beings held by a single enslaving family. In this instance, I am referring to Maj. Pierce Butler, his in-laws, and their descendants. Researching the enslaved is one of my specialist areas within genealogy.

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It was something that made us scratch our heads over the years. Somehow, one or more enslaved people from the Gullah population were taken from the Charleston region to Old Ninety-Six. How do I know that?

DNA matches. I will get to that at the end of this case study.

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With a research project this large, with so many moving parts, you need a robust and focused research strategy. There is simply no getting around it. A lack of research strategy would quickly lead to going around in circles much like:. We decided to work from the known to the unknown. A substantial amount of research has already been done by others researching the enslaved people sold by PMB in The EPs sold over those three days were taken to other farms and plantations throughout the enslaving southern states.

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Our research also focuses on the nearly enslaved souls who were not sold. Identifying as many of these enslaved people as possible would assist us in making connections between the EPs who were alive in to earlier generations of their enslaved families. I have already found that my DNA matches 7 people who are in Trinidad.