God Blesses Gay Marriage

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I am a big believer that sharing our own stories is very powerful and the absolute best way to connect with others when engaging about this issue. The group was mixed — some were affirming and some were not.

I fully expected to be able to prove him wrong. I knew what it meant to dig into original language and consider the historical context of the verses I was studying.

Looming 'crisis'

So, as I dug into scripture I was shocked to find that my son was right … there was no clear condemnation of the kind of same sex relationship that my son was talking about. The only thing I could think is that I needed to know if there was any evidence that it was hurting others. When I was going through all of this study, research and thought Micah became a focal point for me:.

Shortly after I realized it was unjust to condemn same sex relationships due to insufficient evidence I also began to understand that good theology should result in good psychology good fruit. If my theology was producing depression, hopelessness, self-loathing and suicide I had to come to grips with the reality that my theology must be wrong. The evidence was clear and convicting. I had to let go of the theology that was producing death emotional death, spiritual death, relational death, physical death and embrace theology that was producing healthy ideas, healthy choices, healthy living..

I share all of this with the hope that it might be helpful to anyone who is still working these things out because I believe our peace and assurance about these things will help our friends and family members who are LGBT to be at peace with themselves and, as a result, empower them to develop into healthy and whole human beings who can live into the person they were created to be. PS Julie, next time you are in the Dallas Fort Worth area I would love to see you and tell you what has been going on in my private Facebook group for Christian moms of lgbt kids.

What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality?

We have more than members now and the things the moms are doing to change the world are amazing. If you know anyone who wants more info about the private Facebook group for moms of LGBT kids they can email me at lizdyer55 gmail. However, the idea that homosexuality is acceptable in any form in any Abrahamic religion seems absurd.

Just like the idea that premarital sex is acceptable in any Abrahamic religion is absurd.

The Solemnization and Blessing of the Marriage of Same-Sex Couples

Rejoicing with you and lifting you up in prayer. Grace and peace. Thanks for your post and your honest look at this. I have had a similar journey. Keep doing what you are doing because we need to stop condemning people even before they get into church. We all need Jesus period. We need his grace and He alone can save us. I was very blessed by your article and also by what Liz had to say.

I hope that you will extend the same grace you extend to others, to yourself. You deserve to be happy and enjoy love! You are spirit filled and you have spoken much truth here! It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Equally, God is love.

An open letter to my beloved church

And God created us in relationship, for relationship. Your son is lucky to have you as a mom! What a gift! I can only hope that more parents like you will extend the unconditional love that Jesus showed us when he gave his life for us. We must be willing to extend completeness and wholeness to all of our brothers and sisters. To the homosexual, you will not. Anyway, now I am rambling. Shalom, to each of you! And if you are ever in the Durham area, I would love to say hello.

I find your question interesting, Faith. And on some level, it is to the very point.

Rick Warren on gay marriage

Had Julie written this post from a heterosexual perspective, I am guessing that you would not have requested scripture to back up any of it. For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.

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For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. A lot of the claims made particularly by evangelical Christians are founded upon Scriptures which do not address homosexuals or heterosexuals in a loving relationship. Those verses address lust, preying upon the defenseless, and people giving up God. If you are going to make a Biblical case for anything, then it follows that Scriptural support is required.

No where does the Scripture support this practice. Perhaps not directly but Jesus did define marriage. Marriage and its design was pre-Fall and Paul says God clearly reveals through natural revelation how we are made his plans for sex. Now, sin has skewed everything and it follows that sex and marriage has been skewed by sin. I know many gay couples and have counseled many gay men. What I want to tell them is that they can do what they want.

That marriage will make them happy and complete.. That sex and its practice are issues of identity and for them to be fully who they are they should be able to practice sex with a same-sex partner if they want. God through natural revelation, through His inspired word and even through His own mouth as Jesus declared His plan for marriage. Besides, is anyone going to make a claim that marriage completes you? That marriage and sex will solve your love problems? Neither Paul or the hundreds of thousands of people who have given their lives to celibacy in service of the Lord.

We all sin…and yet, we must call sin what it is.

Yes, but only with the Holy Spirit. Context is important when reading scripture. Not a question about who can and cannot be married. Most Christians may say no. We must also define terms when dealing with biblical interpretation.


An open letter to my beloved church

Paul uses the term natural a lot. What was meant by natural was different than our modern way of thinking. As for scriptural support, I agree. I think some type of scriptural support is better than none. Again, back to Matthew Jesus speaks about Eunuchs. It is true, sin is sin and with the holy spirit we can overcome. Lust is the sin. The redemptive or correct way to act on the desire is in covenant of marriage at least traditionally believed. However, someone who is gay or lesbian never having had desire for the opposite sex affectional, sexual, etc is in a position where they do not have an ability to act on their desire in what is said to be the correct way.

Also, I agree, marriage does not make you complete. Otherwise I think celibacy would be much more popular, especially among pastors seeing as they are in a position of serving God in one of the more obvious and traditional ways. Another example. Speaking is not a sin. Lying is. Speaking the truth is the correct way to act on the good desire to speak. Someone who is gay or lesbian is, in this example, as someone who has a desire to speak but is only capable of lying.