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I want to let you know that there is a light at the end of the job search tunnel!


Let me share my job search journey with you:. While I had the distinct opportunity to work under one of my mentors for a little while, I accepted a full-time position, with benefits and all of those other things I do not understand, on November 15, with a start date of January 2, This means, if you understand simple arithmetic, that I did not start this position for about days after graduation.

If you ask any of my cohort members, I was super excited to be FUNemployed and was in no rush to find a job. I was extremely uninterested in any of the stress that others were facing about the job search and exceptionally unbothered by the fact that I did not have a job lined up after graduation. I had saved money that I thought would last me through the summer because I just knew I would have a job by July 1. I had a few interviews and an on-campus interview lined up when I left, so I knew one of those was the one.

I remember getting a call from the director from my second on-campus interview, just knowing that they would say I got it.

You’re Not ‘Funemployed’ — You’re Just Rich

I was sitting in my car in an empty parking lot, crying about heartbreak you know, so normal , and then my phone rang. In the late s, there was a transformation in the world of national newspapers. The speed of change from the early 90s was amazing — and I am glad that I was […]. I lived in a council house on the ring road in Liverpool Queens Drive — and had very supportive parents although I might not have thought so at the time.


Getting venture capital and angel finance on board at the end of the s also dictated this route. It was a testing process. From […]. Stahl suggests going on LinkedIn, contacting as many professionals who inspire you as possible, and asking them to get coffee. For Pressnall, founding her field trip group meant finding a community and learning about herself. Economic Calendar Tax Withholding Calculator. Retirement Planner. Sign Up Log In.

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