Divrei Yoel - Rosh Hashanah Part 1

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This shows us that the Greek culture was merely external. The people of Israel, on the other hand, are based on internal values. Rav Yoel Schwartz of Dvar Yerushalayim points out an interesting comparison. What do we do after we finish reading a newspaper? We throw it away.

A paper is good only for one day. A book, on the other hand, is kept on a shelf and re-read. This is the difference between the Jews and the rest of the world. Our message is everlasting, not just for the present. Having had his strange dream, he is in the grip of terror.

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Therefore, he mentioned Joseph to Pharaoh. The butler also had a fear that Joseph might rise to power and dismiss him of his job for having forgotten Joseph in prison for two years. I always remember this part of the Sedra when I have to deal with the rat race. Have you ever had a business colleague whom you honestly did a favour for, and who subsequently stabbed you in the back just to find favour with the boss? Nothing stops them from their goal at the top.

Rosh HaShanah 5780

If you ever meet one of these guys, read them this part of the Sedra. So Joseph is hurriedly rushed out of prison and presented to Pharaoh to interpret his dream. This was the also the case with the exodus from Egypt, which was made in great haste.

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And what more of an abyss than the present exile! In fact, as soon as Pharaoh looked at Joseph, he immediately understood that the young Hebrew was not only a noble and free man, but also a sage, perfectly capable of interpreting his dreams. Pharaoh even changes some of the details, but Joseph gives the interpretation as to what Pharaoh actually dreamt. Dreams on this night have a particular significance, since the future destiny of a country including periods of fertility and drought are decided at this time.

Divrei Yoel - Rosh Hashanah Part 1 by Yoel Teitelbaum

On the other hand, these dreams were meant for the king who presided over the destiny of his people. The higher the position occupied by a person, the more important is any revelation which he receives just read the Kuzari. Addressed to the king of the strongest world power of that era, and on the night of Rosh Hashanah, they could only have been the revelation to Pharaoh of what G-d was planning to do.

Joseph then gives Pharaoh some advice of his own, without being asked. He must have looked upon the sudden way he was brought before Pharaoh as a providential event. His advice was a veritable lesson in management. According to Rashbam, he advised separating a fifth of the annual produce during the seven years of plenty for distribution in the seven years of famine.

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Free trade would temporarily be abolished Egypt being the principal exporter of grain and the state would purchase everything. He was wrongly sold as a slave. Pharaoh decided to test Joseph the next day. He asked Joseph never to reveal this weakness to anyone the king was supposed to know all existing languages.

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Once again, Pharaoh was in awe of the Jew. Joseph rises in power, and before long, Pharaoh decided that he must find a wife for him. The legacies we leave behind — writing an ethical. Knowing that he will die before he is able to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land, Moses wants to remind the people of all the lessons they have learned in the desert and the values they will … more.

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Oppressive governments. Neighbors turning innocent neighbors in to the authorities.

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  4. The most revered place desecrated. People exiled, fleeing a home that can no longer be home. Parents weeping … more.

    see Lessons from a failed rebellion in the desert. If you have been keeping up with our weekly Torah portions, you know that we are now following the adventures of the ancient Israelites as they travel the Wilderness of Sinai. Moses, as leader … more. We are all very important people. An added measure of holiness at just the right time.