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I am super excited to watch this documentary because it contains footage and stories from some of the most important musicians in blues history This weeks listening selection is brought to you by Acoustic Tuesday fan and guitar geek, Steven W. Definitely, one of my favorite bands to just sit and listen to! I was able to say this with confidence before, but after having played one in person A festival purely dedicated to guitar geeks is in the history books and if you want to know every detail and astonishing thing that happened then you must check this episode out.

It was two days of living the Acoustic Life to the max!!!

The Acoustic Life Festival was full of amazing moments both musical and personal. Between the artist performances, the open mic nights, the workshops, and the band performances so many friendships were started, transformations made, and guitar geek flags waved. Make sure to check out all of the video recaps for some behind the scenes footage as well as the picture gallery for some candid shots of the open mic, the shows, and the guitar geekery that occurred at the very first of many Acoustic Life Festivals. From the album art, the shiny black disc, the liner notes, and the listening experience; vinyl records capture as much or more mojo and magic than the music was originally recorded with.

The album is only half of the equation though He says: "Much like John Fahey he makes a single guitar sound incredible.

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This is the sound I aspire to create one day. It is a truly sexy capo, but I had some questions about its design. I happened to ask these questions during the show and you'll never guess who responded Yoke capos are one of the most convenient capo types available.

They are beautifully designed to stay on your guitar when not in use, and very easy to recruit when a capo is necessary. For a while, there was really only one high-end yoke capo option until this company came along You know you're a guitar geek when you have this friend that you really want to finish an album so, selfishly, you can listen to it whenever you wish For a while there was really only one high end yoke capo option until this company came along Well, guitar geek friends, I have found a magical DI box that comes close to that mouthwatering description His playing is so supportive of the song; it's never too much, it's never not enough, it always seems just right for the musical situation.

He plays fingerstyle guitar with a fluidity that sets a shining example, and his playing looks completely effortless Being a luthier seems to be one of those professions that you don't choose, rather it chooses you. I want to introduce you to a luthier who has been chosen to make some of the most robust and lush sounding guitars I have ever heard And as a luthier and guitar geek not only do you take fantastic care of your instruments, more often than not those very instruments that you take care of are your very own creations Her playing approach is delicate yet can be considered powerful at the same time.

She has an effortless command over the fretboard and her influences seemingly pour out of her playing The countdown begins All aboard are intergalactic guitar geeks ready to see what lies within the galaxy of geekdom. A gargantuan galactic gathering place where guitar geekiness flourishes.

50 Chord Tricks - Matt Brandt - Guitar Lessons

Blast Off!!! Welcome to Acoustic Tuesday, your gravity-free guitar geek world chocked full of all of the guitar goodness that you should be aware of. Featured in This Episode 4 Spaceship Finger Protectors Fingerpicks are little bent pieces of metal that sit atop your fingers so that you can dig in, pull some extra volume out of your instrument, maintain clarity, and absolutely destroy your cuticles. It's true, for all of the good that fingerpicks do, it comes at a cost of damaging the cuticles of your picking fingers, but it doesn't have to be that way anymore There is literally something for everyone.

Learning to Play Guitar Chords, Scales, And Solos [Reduced]

One festival that I think everyone should know about and at least attend once is I love her ragtime infused fingerstyle blues. Her playing is like listening to Robert Johnson but having a little something extra thrown in there. Acoustic, heading into uncharted waters of the acoustic ocean with a guitar geek list as your map to the all-hallowed guitar geek treasure. Strap on your life jacket and hold steady at the stern for we are about to get underway and navigate the channels of acoustic bliss. Featured in This Episode 4 A Custom Saddle Maker in Georgia When I first saw that this item was recommended I was a bit confused because it seemed so basic, but I was very pleasantly surprised upon doing more research.

This may be the equivalent of sliced bread for guitar geeks This week's artist actually comes in the form of a two for one special.

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Acoustic Tuesday Viewer Ted Renshaw from Southold, NY recommended a true songwriting treasure that's connected to another under the radar artist. Some can be inexpensive and sound puny, others can be way expensive and sound only ok, but this one sits right in the middle and needs to be known by guitar geeks en masse This episode finds us wandering through a land where the streets are paved in spruce, the guard rails are phosphor bronze, and people hang their clothes on the line with capos.

Hop in and strap your seatbelt on for a tour de force through acoustic-city. Books that not only take on the history of the guitar but also provide a reference for specs and things of that nature To hear stories from a contemporary of Mr. Johnson, someone who Robert Johnson actually played with, would be a blues guitar geeks dream Well, blues guitar geeks, it's time for dreams come true.

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Their synchronicity is a wonder in and of itself. The way these four come together to make music is a treat to watch. The energy that they bring and the way they give each other a slice of the sonic pie is just plain fun to hear. It can be at home with a new acoustic amp, it can be at an open mic, it could even be with friends at a jam; whatever the case though you will most certainly need a pickup. There's a catch though On the docket for today's exploration are 5 items that will surely inspire you to live your best acoustic life. There is much ground to cover so let's get ready for blast off into the acoustic infused world of Acoustic Tuesday!!!

These gals sing with such precise harmony and phrasing it will send chills up your spine. They can surely be soft and sensitive when the song demands, but if they need to be gritty and raw they have no problem conjuring those sonic beasts as well Hello and welcome to another week of guitar-centered geekery! Acoustic Tuesday is coming in for a landing.

The runway is clear, and with this jumbo jet of acoustic centered goodness comes a full dose of inspiration to live your best acoustic life. After checking with the radar tower it seems as though 5 guitar geek items have popped up, but no worries it's all smooth flying from here. Even in today's day an age, it's still hard to find the rarer makers all under one roof. A single place where you can compare and contrast a multitude of artisan made instruments That changes now. Located roughly 14 miles off the Vegas strip, Heartbreaker Guitars is a boutique shop that has a diverse and inspiring inventory.

The owner, Brendan Smith, curates the inventory with the simple guidance of what he likes HBG stocks some unique and one of a kind instruments that would make any guitar geek drool and quite possibly lose sleep. This is one of those stores that will make you weak in the knees and searching for a place to sit down simply because of the breathtaking instruments.

If you happen to be in the Vegas area make sure to check these folks out, call for an appointment and be prepared to be amazed at the selection. If you aren't in the Vegas area, no worries at all, just surf their site and check out hi-res images of every in stock guitar. Oh and if you want to hear those guitars, be sure to visit their youtube channel where they feature reviews of the guitars and even do some fantastic comparisons. This store no doubt has guitar geeks rejoicing, and you too will rejoice after seeing the guitars that they stock Folk music even involves more than just music itself This non-profit establishment is a place where children and adults can take music lessons, it's a place where you can see an inspirational show, it's a place where you can go to attend a workshop, and it's a place where you can go to share your ideas and thoughts on music as well.

It truly is another folk music epicenter offering all of the education and wonder that goes along with folk music. The beautiful thing is that their mission is to make sure that people feel the enrichment of music on a daily basis, and they are striving to do just that. They have festivals so folks can enjoy live music, their adult classes hold graduation ceremonies part of which involves performing , and they even offer financial aid programs for people that wish to get involved but may not have the means to do so. Swallow Hill is responsible for spreading the goodness that music can bring, and they are a place that as a guitar geek you need to know about.

You can of course visit Swallow Hill and see a show if you are in the Denver area, or if you still wish to support their cause you can even donate online. I should rephrase, what's not to say about the artist featured this week. His playing makes you feel like you are on the edge of a cliff His flatpick runs are inventive and unconventional, but are at home, comfortably finding their way into tunes. Michael's voice is a serious contender for one of the best modern bluegrass voices around.

Singing lead, Michael Daves controls the ebb and flow of the song all the while projecting a raw confidence. Singing harmony, he quickly escalates to the upper echelon of singers in the genre. His high part harmony is an absolute treat to listen to and unmistakable. Michael Daves' voice is one that, in my opinion, will be referenced for years and years to come and not just within the bluegrass genre.

The ease with which he adds harmony to a song is a treat to the ear, and his abilities on the guitar need not be overshadowed by his voice Chances are if you have heard any modern bluegrass album recorded in the New York area, you may well have already heard Michael at work, but now it's time to single out his abilities and check out his albums Your record collection will certainly rejoice at their arrival.

This invention made the banjo a much more tame beast. This invention made the banjo less complicated. This invention made the banjo This invention was brought to fruition by a man by the name of Tom Nechville, founder and owner of Nechville banjos out of Bloomington, MN.

Nechville banjos sound like the classic banjos that carved the path of bluegrass music, but these banjos are much much different. They have fewer parts, they are easier to setup, and they are easier to tune So what exactly is this invention???

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The Heli-Mount design replaces over 70 pieces of hardware found on a traditional banjo, and leaves behind a streamlined look and just about the easiest way to tune a banjo head that I have ever seen. The Heli-Mount system functions much like screwing a lid on a jar This system, with the use of a single tool, allows you to tighten or loosen the head of your banjo in mere seconds, and it ensures that there is equal tension around the entire head Nechville banjos also have more than a handful of modern improvements such as the revered hand cut enterprise bridge, the modern in-line tailpiece, the comfort bevel armrest, and the quick-cam neck connection.

All of these improvements together make for a banjo that is easy to setup and tweak, but has that highly sought after vintage tone. Nechville banjos come in a wide array of styles from very modern all the way to that classic vintage banjo look.


If you happen to want something a bit more custom, they are happy to entertain those ideas as well. If you are looking for a banjo that offers the promise of less time tinkering and more time for music making Nechville banjos should be on your list to check out for certain. Today, a pick that comes from the Netherlands offering a dark and gritty tone.